Pine View Residence
CLIENT: Private Client
LOCATION: West Bloomfield, MI
This renovation of the client's former childhood home, nestled among the lakes and canals of West Bloomfield, strikes a balance between memory and modernization. The existing fireplace, heart and hearth of the family's history, is expanded to include log storage and an art niche and to conceal a pantry in the kitchen behind. The ceiling trusses are cut and modified to create a sloped plywood ceiling with skylights over the living room. The kitchen is opened up into the living space, and a custom dining table banquette and island spans between the two rooms. To maintain the spectacular view out onto the wooded property, the design incorporates a suspended wood and steel shelving system in front of the windows. The bottom rod of the shelving system can be used for hanging mugs, and kitchen tools, tea towels, plants, etc.


Floor to ceiling shelves along the east wall are designed to house the clients' extensive vinyl, book, and art collection.
Material choices.
Elise Dechard
Sophie Yan

Contractor: JJ's House Co.

Structural Engineer: REDENSIFY