Holiday Window Walk Competition
YEAR: 2018
The holiday window installation consists of a trio of lightweight shapes—reminiscent of hanging holiday ornaments—constructed of foam and cellophane. Inspired by the strong brand identity of Third Man Records, the shapes and patterns riff on various graphic elements within the store. Drawing inspiration from the company’s motto “you turntable’s not dead!” and from the scene in Home Alone where Kevin uses a record player to spin a mannequin during his fake holiday party, we hacked a set of turntables and retrofitted them with new 6rpm motors to make the structure twirl. Day and night, the forms dance in the window, projecting color and light into the space and onto the sidewalk.

First place winner in the Holiday Window Walk 2018 Competition sponsored by the Detroit Center for Design and Technology.

Featured on FOX 2 Detroit News and Curbed Detroit.
Elise DeChard and Fernando Bales as CAMPO Collective