CLIENT: Design Center In A Box
Roundabout is a playful installation that has Detroit at its center! Revolving around concepts of modularity and mobility, the design creates an adaptable, interactive spatial solution for any storefront condition, and an embedded idea for a projected future as standalone structures. The carousel-like forms would be installed via a central pivot point secured to an existing structural member. A number of revolving units will be organized in the space according to existing conditions and programmatic needs. Individual slices are multi-purpose, providing surfaces for display, work, seating, and privacy. Each unit works independently, but can be whirled and twirled into an infinite number of arrangements of multiple units, creating an endlessly evolving visual and tactile playground based on programmatic needs. The proposal uses fabrication techniques and materials recalling Detroit’s past, present, and future, including laser cut steel panels, CNC milled plywood forms, and some electric color schemes. The embracing forms aim to bring people together, inviting conversation and collaboration.

The installations are designed with the future in mind, so that at the end of their interim use, they can be relocated as a permanent park or plaza installation, for indefinite community use. Nothing speaks more to Detroitness that built-in adaptability and resilience.

Concept Drawings

Elise DeChard and Fernando Bales as CAMPO Collective