CLIENT: Simone DeSousa EDITION Gallery
YEAR: 2018
PICNIC is a spatial feast comprised of a playful landscape of fixed and furniture pieces, each with a standalone presence and use, that together assemble into a cohesive architectural space spanning the gallery and courtyard. The project explores the multiple past, present, and future lives of materials and objects. Every major material used in the installation has been salvaged from construction waste, either post-use project waste or off-cuts. Taking "picnic" as meditation on what it means for people and objects to spontaneously and organically gather at a specific time and place, we explore the idea of convergence as well as dispersion. People retain memories of an event carrying them with them as they leave. Similarly, the objects in PICNIC retain physical traces of their togetherness through the curves that allow them to nest together.

Occupying the courtyard, PICNIC draws the art and design outside, blending the boundary between public and gallery space. Visitors are invited to explore the installation, relaxing in the landscape or climbing into the nest to get a view of the of the streetscape from a new perspective. Inside the gallery, the intervention transforms into a set of furniture objects—shelves, tables, mirrors—displaying a series of small design objects--candle holders, planters, trays.
Elise DeChard and Fernando Bales as CAMPO Collective