CLIENT: 9 Lots
YEAR: 2021
Hand/Wing is a micro experiment in multi-species live/work space, hacking an off-the-shelf garden shed into a a combination storage for human tools and luxury bat condo. The roof is raised and infilled with chambers, perches, and a rooftop garden of fragrant herbs and native flowers to attract a tasty bug buffet for our furry flying friends. Down below, the human tools for land maintenance are stored in the shed, enlarged in height by a corrugated clerestory and outfited with shelves and a locking door. The structure is raised on stilts above the ground to minimize its footprint.
Video captured at 9 Lots at dusk

Inspired by night time wildflowers in the breeze, the shed is painted with a custom camouflage pattern

The corrugated plastic clerestory allows the bat house to float above the shed
Fluorescent color, iridescent powders and glitters to catch the light, and glow in the dark paint make the camoflage cladding shine date and night
Elise DeChard, Sophie Yan,
Valeria de Jongh, Ashley Hsu,
Hannah Green, Zoe Faylor

END Studio