CLIENT: end studio
YEAR: 2021
Welcome to our office, where uplifting color, big, bright windows, and a jungle of plant friends keep us inspired everyday. Located in a historic artist loft building in Corktown, the office is designed to facilitate focused work while also allowing a variety of working and collaboration arrangements, with an open flowing floor plan and clusters of furniture to define different zones. The design includes a number of custom furniture pieces: custom-topped electric standing desks, a dividing wall with a wooden tray for plants and pencils, an oval shaped conference table with cast concrete and tambour legs, and a print and production counter with plywood shelving and integrated IKEA filing cabinets. Custom floor-to-ceiling curtains soften the lights from the large industrial windows, while the overall material palette is kept light, bright, and playful to create a warm and welcoming place to work.
Elise Dechard, SOPHIE YAN

fabrication: end studio + studio radish