YEAR: 2021
The renovation, sponsored by the Commerce Design Refresh Grant, will transform Folk’s restaurant space into a hybrid marketplace and café that allows adaptability for COVID and into the future. Clarity of customer experience and adaptable, multi-functional use are the two most important drivers of the renovation. With two businesses – the market and the café – overlapping in the same space, it’s important that customers have easy and clear access to the product or service that they came for, and an immediate understanding of the flow throughout the space. At the same time, the beautifully stocked shelves as a backdrop and the smell of coffee and baked goods wafting around the shop will entice shoppers and cafe to treat themselves to something else while they’re there!

The design features wall to wall shelving to showcase product, allowing customers to focus on what Folk is really all about: good food and sustainable, locally-made products. The shelving design makes use of off the shelf select pine boards and a simple ladder-style construction detail to create a custom, built-in look in a cost-effective way.

A centerpiece custom table offers dual functionality: as Folk operates during COVID, the table can be used as a product display, and in the future, when events and in-person dining are allowed, the table will allow drop-in customers to sit and enjoy a coffee, or for Folk to host tastings and events in the evening.‍The front windows house a counter for future casual dining and a full-height display shelf to advertise seasonal offerings.

The back of house is being updated for more efficiency and functionality for the Folk team, including a new espresso and pastry station at the walk-up window, a new menu board and display, and a refresh of the kitchen and prep area.

Elise Dechard, SOPHIE YAN

Contractor: Mona Lisa Development

Brand Audit: RL Concetti